Gary Bacon


Birth Place: Tacoma, Washington

Current Leagues: PBA Experience @ Cloverleaf, Thursday Mixed 5’s @ Valley Center Bowl, 815 Majors @ Cloverleaf, The Weekenders @ Classic Bowl, Fremont Nikkei @ …

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Joyce Friscia

Age: 67

Birth Place: Southern California

League Bowls: Fil-Am, Monday Morning Coffee Mates

Bowling Info: WIBC Salinas Bowl, Monterey Womens Board, Charter Member Salinas USBC Secretary, Salinas USBC Hall of …

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Earl Fuller

Age: 94

Birth Place: Lived in Salinas 81 years. Originally Oklahoma

League bowls: Fil-Am, Monday Men’s, Sirs, Ivy, Twilight

When did you first start Bowling? When Valley Center Bowl first …

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Keith Garner

League Bowled: Ivy League

Bowling Info: Monterey Lanes Juniors (13) NorCal Allstar 4x

Age: 31

Highest Score:  300

When did you first start Bowling?  5 years Old

What do

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Ty Cabanilla

Bowling Info:  300×4 scholarship May in Youth Program, 6000+

Age: 24

Highest Score:  300

When did you first start Bowling?  4 years old

What do you like best about Bowling?  

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Sean Cauntay

Leagues Bowled:  Wed.Reno Mixed, Thur.Mixed 5’s, and Crazy 8’s

Age: 35

Highest Score: 268

When did you start Bowling?  Winter League 1998, but I started consistently bowling in 2012


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Lena “Mama Lena” Francisco

Age: 77

Leagues Bowled: Wed. Reno Mixed (League Secretary)

Hall of Fame Member Salinas U.S.B.C

When did you first start bowling?   A:1979

Highest Score 200

What do you like best

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