Redemption Arcade

Our redemption arcade has the best games and the best prizes in town!  Win small trinkets up to iPads and Wii games.  Our newly remodeled 3200 square foot redemption arcade has all new games including Winner’s Cube, Stacker, Barber Cut, Hoop Fever, Guitar Hero 2, Air Hockey, and so much more!


Fast & Furious – Based on the hit film series, the Fast and the Furious Arcade Racing Game is a pulse pounding action racing game that will have you on the edge of your seat. Choose from an array of sports cars to drive on one of the tracks based on locations around the world. Race against the computer and put your name up on the leaderboard!


Billiards by the minute! $12.95 per hour. Play 1 minute or 60 minutes, up to you!

$20 deposit or credit card is required and you only pay for the time you play.

Come rack ’em and crack ’em!

Request Party information or inquire about a Group Event/Corporate Party today.